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Patients With Mental Health Issues Should be Treated Properly

Quite often, if mental health disease is treated properly, a person will function normally.  If not treated properly a person could become very sick, in jail or worse.  Some of the treatments include counseling, light therapy, pills and injections. One treatment I’ll focus on is long acting injectables.  Sometimes a person on a psychiatric pill […]

Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare, formerly Wagey Drug, located at 800 N. 27th St. receives a new look. Kohll’s Wagey Drug is open for business and employs the same staff you’ve known for years. An official Open House is planned for the Fall.

Wagey Drug receives New Look

To visit the Wagey Drug location information page CLICK HERE Kohll’s Wagey Drug at 27th and Vine Streets has a new look. Gone are the faded burgundy awnings that once hung over the drug store where thousands of people walked into Wagey Drug. There, patients were greeted with a friendly smile by helpful employees that […]